Refund Policy

At Talkfever, we take pride in the services delivered by us and guarantee your satisfaction with our services and support. We constantly improve and strive to deliver the best services through the internet. However, in case you are not satisfied with our services, please contact us immediately and we will correct the situation, provide a refund, or offer credit that can be used for future Talkfever orders.


Thank you for purchasing of our products or subscribing to our services at  operated by “Talkfever Social Media Limited”.


We offer a full refund policy wherever it is applicable on case-to-case basis for all purchases made on our website. You will be entitled to get full reimbursement withing the 14 calendar days from the date of review and confirmation of refund on case-to- case basis.


Our decisions about refunds are final, made on a case-by-case basis and depend on the facts and circumstances of the particular issue. We'll notify you if we decide to give a refund. All refunds are made at our sole discretion and without admission of liability.

When understanding the types of refunds, remember that:

Not Satisfied? Let us know!

If you're not satisfied with the service, please login to the Talkfever or its verticals using the email address from which payment was made. In case you forgot the password, use the forgot password option to reset the password.


Please note that while we would be able to control delays on our side, we will be unable to control delays on Government side or deficiencies in documents submitted. Hence, kindly bear with our team as we try our best to complete your engagement to the best of our ability.

Ad performance:

We are unable to guarantee in every instance that your ad will reach its intended target or achieve the outcome you select. We don't give refunds for poor ad performance or return on investment against the ad campaigns and subscription for bunch of services and usage of tools. 

No refund available on active ad campaigns created and managed by self. 

Ads services availability:

We may consider issuing a refund on a case-by-case basis where we determine that ad delivery has been significantly impacted, at a substantial rate and over a significant period, by an unplanned interruption to our ad services caused by a system bug. A system bug is a technical issue on our platform.


The following information about system bug issues isn't intended to be comprehensive:

Over delivery and overspend:

We may consider issuing a refund where a system bug results in overspend due to the wrong bid being used or the budget set in Ads Manager being exceeded.


Disruptions to insights or reporting:

Typically, no refund shall be considered for issues with insights or reporting, such as inaccurate or missing data caused by system bugs.

Ad rendering issues:

Ad rendering issues caused by system bugs may include problems with image display and video functionality. We don't refund where the ad delivers consistently as shown in the ad preview. We don't issue refunds when the problem is isolated to the ad preview and doesn't significantly impact ad delivery. 

Blocked spend and under delivery:

We don't give refunds for the inability to create new ads, view results, optimize delivery or where there has been under-delivery of existing ads due to a system bug. We don't refund for blocked creation of ads.


Interface outages and failed API calls: 

We won't consider refunds for the inability to create ads, view results or optimize delivery based on results. We won't refund where system bugs, affecting interfaces, display in an obvious way that advertisers can see and correct for.

Ad format and billing methodology

We may consider issuing a refund on a case-by-case basis for selection of ad format and where we determine that ad delivery has been significantly impacted, at a substantial rate and over a significant.

Banner Ads:

No refund shall be exercised for the banner ads because such ads spaces are purchased on lump sum budget offering irrespective of user response, clicks or engagement. Banner ads are typically display ads on specific space given on the site for which advertisers are already aware of targeted response.

Channelised Ad Campaigns:

In case of an advertiser want to use the advertising channels such as social marketing, influencer marketing and ambassador marketing, no refund will be considered for safeguarding the interest of our people who are providing personalized boost of campaign through relationship with followers’ community.

Sponsored Event Campaigns:

in that case where specific event is going to start where massive community involvement is possible, no refund shall be applicable because brand visibility is at the prime place at peak time of event sessions.

Subscription to Services

Before Use

Activation of services is instant. We will consider 100% refund if requested within 3 days ensuring that no service is availed after premium service activation.

After Use

Once any of the service is availed by subscriber, no refund request will be entertained in any circumstances.

On Premature Termination

In case of premium subscription upgraded before expiry period of the previous subscription; no refund and/or any adjustment or any redemption whatsoever shall be considered for the premature termination of premium services.

Marketplace Transactions

Marketplace transactions are being made in between buyers and sellers at their own discretion. Talkfever is only providing privileged solutions to connect and transact.


Once the transaction amount has been settled and credited to sellers account on ensuring the delivery by third party sellers then no refund will be applicable in any case.

Multi-Platform Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are having its own methodology, how it works, role and responsibility and offerings across the verticals. Its well-known fact that user is depressingly choosing the affiliate program at his/her discretion after ensuring the scope and opportunity after considering the individual capabilities and successful execution.


In the current social networking trend, we never ask about educational background and previous work experience before opting the affiliate program because of in current trend, users know his/her inner capabilities, interest, and talent to use the resource by use of tools and technologies.


Affiliate marketing models such as city franchising, influencer or ambassador, affiliated ad agencies, sponsor of specific product or services or whatsoever or similar nature, Refund policy may work on case-to-case basis across the verticals:

City Franchising Channel:

 SarchBazar ( is a wholly owned division of talkfever social media limited and it’s the biggest marketplace for business communities covering the wide range of 1400+ business categories and offering the opportunity of affiliated partnership for seamless operation and value added service management at city level.

As per the digital franchising proposal, Once the request is confirmed, no refund will be available at any cost. But we are providing flexibility to switch from one option to another only one time. In case of any difference in amount, it must be paid additionally by the affiliate partners.

Influencer & Ambassador Channel:

Influencer works as associated manager and help vendors and business to grow by use of white labelled web application on his/her personal domain. Company input the cost on tech resources and set up charges. Therefore, no refund will be applicable.

As the trust building process, company allow applicant to change the plan on or before 10 days of request confirmation by admin. After 10 days, adjustment or change in plan will not be in work. 

Ad Agency Channel

If an individual or any firm want to work with us as local area ad manager and want to buy any terminal ad subscription plan, then there is no refund will be applicable either he/she may remain performer or non-performer to build the ad inventory during the subscription period.

Event Sponsor Channel

There is no refund applicable for any sponsorship channel subscription across its verticals. He/she may feel free to switch from one to another as an utmost freedom to work well.

Applicable Refund Settlement Charges

Wherever refund policy is applicable on any product or services, settlement will be processed in 30 to 45 days from the date of refund approval. Following charges will be considered for deduction:

Ø  Applicable taxes on invoice value will be deducted from the paid amount.

Ø  Administration charges 20% will be deducted as the cost of various components.

Ø  Gateway charges shall be borne by the users as per the payment method.

Ø  Other incidental charges whatsoever it may be at the time of settlement as per the case-to-case basis.

Force Majeure

Talkfever shall not be considered in breach of its Satisfaction Guarantee policy or default under any terms of service, and shall not be liable to the Client for any cessation, interruption, or delay in the performance of its obligations by reason of earthquake, flood, fire, storm, lightning, drought, landslide, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, tornado, natural disaster, act of God or the public enemy, epidemic, famine or plague, action of a court or public authority, change in law, explosion, war, terrorism, armed conflict, labour strike, lockout, boycott or similar event beyond our reasonable control, whether foreseen or unforeseen (each a "Force Majeure Event").


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