We are India’s first social media platform with a mission to connect the world to allow them to be more productive and successful. Our services are designed to promote economic opportunity for our members by enabling you to meet, exchange ideas, learn, and find opportunities within their network. we also provide business opportunities for professional to enhance their chances to spread worldwide.

Talkfever Privacy Policy

The purpose of our privacy policy is mainly to keep your information secure and safe.

We do not share any kind of information you share with us. we believe in buildup of trusted relationship with our users. you can use our services in different ways to manage your privacy. This policy also describes that what type of information we collect from you and how you can build your trust on us.

Information you Share with us:-

1. Basic Registration

When you sign up or create your account, you just need to provide your basic information like name, mobile number, email, profile photo and password. If you want to upgrade your account from yellow to blue, green, global network, then you will need to provide payment information also. we use your mobile number and email id for verification to avoid fake account creation because we want the traffic of real users to make our platform more secure.

2.Other information from you and network

We collect the information when you do any activity like any post share, comment, like such type of content in which you are engage with us and for how much time you are using our services. This also include the type of contents you provide to share on your timeline which may be any photo, video or Ads etc. Second information we collect about your network or your traffic of your friends created by your reference and type of information you are sharing with them or information you are interacting with your friends by sending a message using our chat box. Beside the above information when other people provide any information related to you in any manner like sharing of your photo or any link related to you will be collected by us in our database.

3.Billing Information

We collect the information regarding any type of payment or transaction made on our site to use our services in advanced ways like for your account upgrade to unlock more traffic, for your Ad promotion, for adding of balance in your wallet to use our E services like recharge, bill payment, booking, connection , shopping etc. It includes your bank details, credit card, debit card or other cards details provided by you. we keep all the records like date and time of your order, delivery, shipping etc.

4.Your Device information

We collect the information about the device that are used by you i.e. Mobile or computer when you first time Sign up. we also collect the information of other devices used by you for your account log in depending upon your permission granted to provide you consistent services. The information we collect about devices are IP address, ISP, Location, browser, time zone, operating system, hardware and software details. nobody can create multiple account from a single device.

5 information related to other website

We collect the information about other website provided by our user during their promotion. we also collect the information shared by you on other apps and website who are using our services and information about that web or app developer. we keep track of records how you interact with other links on our website.

How we use the Information Share with us:-

1.To be connected with you

We collect your information to share any update offers or information of Talkfever with you and any type of policy changes. we try to keep update you about any of your friend’s activity or promotion. you have options in our setting that in which area you want to connect or want to share your information. we provide three types of network public, social and personal in which you can access or make your content approachable which is your choice. we also keep your record every time you contact with us. we use your data like profile name detail to make it accessible by anyone who wants to be your friend or want to share something with you and the invitation made by you by your referral link. you decide the friends you want to invite to join in your network, when you send your link to your friends then it includes your name, id and link generated for you by Talkfever.

2.Stay updated

Our services keep you daily updated regarding business ideas, news, events, professional topics to improve your business and marketing skills. you can also suggest us by your feedback to improve our services in better way and we will use that to develop new features and activities. We also conduct research and survey by our services to develop new features and updation. we use your information to update you any post in which you tagged by your friends with their profile photo and post shared by them. This tagging option is available in setting option from which you can select your list friends that can tag you in their post. we also update you for any event having in your localities, that’ why we keep continue record of your location tracked by our GPS.

3.Display your Ads measure

We use your information to measure the effectiveness of Ad posted in graphical and calculated form which shows your views, clicks, reach, share, likes, comments, impressions, run time. The above calculation will be done on daily basis and your graph will show your Ad performance how they are reaching peak on daily.

4.Data safety and security

We use your information for verification to provide safety and security of your data. we try to investigate the user who try to harm our system or violets our terms and condition. we have technology with double security, automated system and team of skilled engineers by which we keep your all information safe and secure. If anyone tries to violets the rules then action will be taken against them.


we use your information provided by you on mobile or on email to resolve any kind of issue facing with us, that problem will be resolved by our customer care executive.

How we Share and disclose Information

1.Sharing your control on services

You have complete control of your information you want to share with people. you direct us to share your personal information as your choice that may be public, personal and social. Whatever network you select will see your all activities done on Talkfever like post share, like comments, Ads posted etc. When you select public network then all the users of Talkfever can see your activities whether they are your friends or not. When you select personal network then your activities will be seen by your direct friends(friends made with your links) and when you select social network then your activities will be visible to those who are unknown to you but you have chosen them as your friends by accepting or sending friend request.

2.Content shared related to you

If anyone shares or posted any content related to you on your timeline then it will be visible by your network whatever you have selected in your settings for example if you comment at any post of your friend then that will be visible by all the friends of your friend and you will also be notified about each reaction on that post by anyone. If anyone shares your post that will also be notified to you and if you send or receive any message the you will receive all the reactions on that.

3.Information when you are online

Talkfever will show your status online to your network on their timeline or on chat box or any other app that will be integrated to us. This will help your friend to communicate with you when they will see that you are online.

4.Information shared with other apps, website or other parties integrated with us

Talkfever will share your information with apps, website and other apps that are integrated to us i.e. when you install that apps or click on that website links then your profile information will be sent to that apps and websites depends on your permission. Also, whenever you play a game in our fun zone section with your Talkfever’s friends then your information will be shared with that game developer and game developer will be notified about your all activities on Talkfever. Also, that game developer may receive your friends list but not any other information related to your friends.

5.New control

If Talkfever transfers their controls to any other party then all of users information will be shared with them but only on that condition when they are agreed with our privacy policy.

6.Share to service provider

We work with service providers who help us to improve and provide our products and to provide the services all over the world. Also, we don’t sell any information to any of our party in any manner and even our partners are strictly restricted to use or disclose any type of data we provide. we provide information to our partners who uses our analytical services to understand how our users are engaged in different activities on our timeline i.e. how you and your responds to your posts and their posts like comment, share, like in graphical as well as analytical manner to understand your interaction on your page and on your friends page.

• We also provide information to advertiser who creates their Ads for promotion with detailed information that how their Ads are performing in their selected audience with each activity in manual as well as graphical manner with complete measures. • We share information with those service partners who supports us financially and technically to improve our products or to grow our business. If you purchase any product on our site then seller will receive your information as well as other information like payment, profile and other information to complete your order. • We provide information to our research team and IT team members to conducts survey and research that how can our platform be better than others in all manners. • We also provide information to our Law department to protect the rights of our users. You can have complete faith on our policy that we will take all necessary action to investigate or to take action against any illegal activity done by anyone. We completely respect our agreement done with you and you have complete rights to claim for any of our services which you found illegal. We will inform legally to users who claim us and we will provide their claims as per decided by court or Law.

How you can you manage or rectify your Information

1.Rectify your information

We provide account settings to users to modify or rectify their details like name, profile photo, password, transaction password, bank details you can also contact us to change any of your details, our admin will help you as per your choice and download your all information.

2.Retention or deletion of your information

We keep your information until it is not required to provide our services or your account is deleted. We delete or deactivate your account as per your demand .if your account is deleted then your all information cannot be recovered in future but if your request for your account deactivation then you can activate your in future at any time, since if your account has deleted permanently then all of your activities done like post shared ,Ad posted ,your messages, your friends records etc. cannot be recovered later. If any of your friend has posted something related to you then that is not a part of your content and you can’t delete that information.

When you delete your account then we will keep your information for 30 days and after some of your information will be deleted permanently but some information of your will retain with us for future if any legal dispute or abuse arises to meet regulatory requirements.

How we react to any legal matters

When we any legal matters related to us in any manner and we find that it is according Law. We share the information with regulators; all process will be completed as per India’s Law. We also respond to legal matters outside of India when we find right that it is according law of that jurisdiction.

When we find any illegal activity on our platform which may harm or may be fraud according to our policy then to prevent then we may require to share the information of your as a part of investigation.

We will keep record of information for at least one year to respond any legal enquiries or investigation and also if anybody try to harm our system repeatedly even after being their account deleted.

How we work as a global service provider

We share information all over the world with our partners and Talkfever companies to provide uninterrupted services to all users. You information may be transmitted to other countries as per requirement by this policy. We work on proper contract basis terms and conditions with our partners.

How we notify you about changes in policy

We may require to update policy from time to time as per rules. We will notify you about any changes in our policy to your registered email and updated policy can be seen anytime on our website. After your confirmation to be agreed to our new policy you will be bound to our updated policy.

How to contact us with your queries

You can contact us at any time regarding any problem or issue related to our services or our policies on the following address and contact number.