Bayer Leverkusen is known for FC 24 Coins producing excellent prospects, with one such player being Noah Mbamba. The 64-rated Belgian player has a potential of 84 in FC 24, and you can try getting him in the first few seasons when looking for a good defensive midfielder.

While Noah Mbamba is primarily a CDM, converting him to a centre back could also be a great move that you can make. He will thrive in that position, and his great pace statistic could help you upon encountering pacey forwards that could quickly break through your defence.

3 Alfie Devine, Tottenham Hotspur 
Alfie Devine is among the many talented players in the highly stacked Tottenham Hotspur lineup. The attacking midfielder is pretty well-balanced in terms of statistics, and you can further attempt to convert him to the left winger role, which is his secondary position that he is good at.

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In FC 24's Career Mode, this youngster with a 61 rating would cost close to Aeuro;1 million, which could be worthwhile given his potential is 84. If you provide him ample playing time, he will easily reach his potential and even go beyond due to dynamic player potential.

2 Romeo Lavia, Southampton 
Romeo Lavia has been one of Southampton's more reliable players during the 2022Andash;2023 campaign, and he has impressed many, given that it is his first proper year in the Premier League. The young Belgian could be a nice pickup in FC 24 and is filled with a great potential of buy EAFC 24 Coins 86.