SBCs will outline specific objectives to FC 24 Coins pass the challenge, such as having a certain amount of players from the same country in the squad.

Once you have met certain specifications, you will give up the players in the squad in trade for a player pack from the game. So do not use players you want to complete these as they will be gone once traded in.

To easily search for eligible players, you can use the Squad Builder feature. This will allow you to search by specifics like league, country, rating, etc.

After you have completed the Foundations Challenges taking you through the basics, you then unlock the Upgrade Challenges.

These will allow you to trade in teams of either Bronze, Silver, or Gold players to upgrade them to better-quality players. This is a great way to increase the potency of your team and get a high squad rating early on.

Do not get rid of or sell off all your players early on. Even if you are not using them, you can wait to get rid of them when doing the upgrades in the SBCs.

Don't Feel You Have To Play Online Right Away 
One of the major things for FUT is the online play against others, to prove you have the best team. When you are just starting, it can be best to avoid the online modes straight away, as you can not set the difficulty you come up against.

Your best bet is to play the single-player modes; these modes still let you win coins and get rewards, but you play AI at the difficulty you choose. This makes it much easier for you to cheap EAFC 24 Coins get used to FUT and then take your team online once you feel ready to do so.