Abounding call Wolcen as a amalgam of POE2 Currency Diablo and Aisle of Exile, or affiliated "Path of Exile Lite." Aisle of Exile and Wolcen allotment a agnate accomplishment timberline that is node-based and non-linear. However, Aisle of Exile's is abundant added alarming for newcomers or accidental players, admitting Wolcen's accomplishment timberline is added streamlined. They are about similar, but the key aberration is that Wolcen's increments are greater amidst accomplishment levels, abnormally acquiescent skills, admitting Aisle of Exile's activity added branches, yet abate increments in calibration of stats amidst anniversary one.

Basically, the aberration comes bottomward to amateur preference. If one prefers a slower and added affiliated and fatigued out simmer in developing a nuanced actualization over a aeon of time, Aisle of Exile scratches this itch. Wolcen will board a abundant faster progression in activity one's actualization abound stronger and advance their abilities at a faster rate, abnormally during the mid-game aback Aisle of Exile takes its time.

Wolcen has a quicker acquirements curve, abnormally for players who are acclimatized with ARPGs in general. In accession to differences in accomplishment increments amidst the accomplishment copse in Aisle of Exile and Wolcen's, the closing additionally resembles Diablo added so, abnormally in Wolcen's adeptness to adapt anniversary accomplishment while leveling.

Besides abstruse glitches and bugs in Wolcen, it additionally struggles with end-game content. It should be advised that acclimatized the added amateur admission had added time over the years to advance their end-game agreeable as such, Wolcen can still potentially boldness these issues as it active into the future, and if it can administer to buy Path Of Exile 2 Currency authority assimilate its accepted player-base.