Instagram is a popular social network for sharing stories, but did you know that you can view Instagram stories anonymously? There are applications that allow you to view stories without being detected.

In addition, there are other tools available and useful tips, such as using airplane mode or creating a secondary account on Instagram.

How to see Instagram stories without them noticing? Find out more about how to view hidden Instagram stories and download content anonymously.

How to view hidden Instagram stories anonymously

For those who wish to view hidden Instagram stories without being detected, we present the simplest ways to access stories anonymously:

Using airplane mode

Use airplane mode on your device while browsing Instagram stories. By activating airplane mode, the device will not send notifications to the user, which can help you go unnoticed while watching stories.

Creating a secondary account on Instagram

Another option is to create a secondary account on Instagram. By having a secondary account, you can follow the person you want to see the hidden stories of without being detected. This way, you will be able to access the stories without the main user knowing of your presence.

⚠️ It is important to note that these options and tools mentioned may have limitations and will only work with public accounts.

⚠️ Instagram has implemented security measures to prevent anonymous access to stories, so it is always advisable to use these options responsibly and respecting the privacy of other users.

Do you think they are viewing or downloading your content anonymously?

If you think that someone is downloading videos and other content from your Instagram anonymously, they are probably using these types of tools:


One of the most prominent options for downloading Instagram videos anonymously is feature. This application allows you to download both individual videos and carousel videos from Instagram, IGTV and even Reels.

Other tools they may be using to download your Instagram content anonymously

In addition to Igsaved, there are other tools that allow you to download Instagram content anonymously. Some of them are:

Igsaved: a website that allows you to view stories anonymously by entering your username.


Insta-stories-viewer: an application that allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously, without leaving a trace

SilentStory – An app similar to BlindStory that also offers the ability to view hidden stories without being detected.

Anonymous access to public accounts only

It is important to note that the mentioned options and tools to view hidden Instagram stories only work with public accounts.

This means that if a user has set their account to private, you will not be able to anonymously access their stories.

⚠️ Instagram has designed these privacy settings to protect the privacy and security of its users, thus preventing unknown people from accessing their content anonymously.

Measures implemented by Instagram to avoid anonymous access

Instagram has taken security measures to protect user privacy and prevent anonymous access to stories. Although there are tools and methods to try to view hidden stories, it is important to keep in mind that these actions may violate the platform's terms of use and be against Instagram's privacy policies.

⚠️ The platform is constantly updating its policies and technologies to detect and prevent anonymous access to stories. This may include detecting suspicious behavior, such as the use of third-party applications, access through different IP addresses, or tracking unusual activity patterns.

Instagram reserves the right to take legal action or impose sanctions on users who try to anonymously access stories, if they violate the platform's policies.

Frequently asked questions about viewing hidden Instagram stories

1️⃣ Is it legal to use StoriesIG to view stories anonymously?
Although these tools are available and functional in 2023, it is important to take into account and respect the privacy regulations and terms of use established by Instagram, as certain legal conflicts may arise.

Before using any app or method to view stories anonymously, it is a good idea to review the current privacy laws and regulations in your country and consider any associated legal risks.

2️⃣ What type of content can be downloaded with the mentioned tools?
The tools mentioned in this article allow you to download Instagram single and carousel videos, IGTV videos, Instagram Reels videos, and Instagram galleries containing multiple photos or mixed content.

3️⃣ Can I access Instagram stories on any device?
Yes, you can access Instagram stories. Whether you are using a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

4️⃣ How can I view the featured stories of an Instagram profile anonymously?
To view the highlights of an Instagram profile anonymously, you can use tools like StoriesIG, which allow you to access the highlights without being detected.

5️⃣ Are there additional tricks to view stories anonymously on Instagram?
You can create a secondary account on Instagram or use airplane mode on the device. There are also external applications and web pages such as StoriesIG, StoriesDown, Instagram Anonymous Story Viewer, BlindStory or SilentStory.

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