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Premium Subscription

Subscription for Premium Customers

Subscription for Premium Customers

Don't wait ! Become premium customer and enjoy 5X benefits never seen before.

Redeemable wallet

Get 100% of your subscription price into your shopping wallet to be redeemed in every shopping order.

Conversion Wallet

Sharing your link & invite leads. Unlock by 20 sign ups. Earn campaign bouns from global sign ups.

Phonebook Wallet

Monetize your phonebook. Create prospective leads 200 people. Earn campaign bonus from global leads.

Referral Wallet

Get paid 100% referral bonus from 2nd premium friends. Referral campaign may boost your profit making scope.

Shop Royalty Wallet

Refer at least 2 nearest shops and unlock this wallet for getting paid equal to subscription price.

Super Referral Wallet

Get paid 20% of referral bonus earned by your friends. It's super referral bonus of the social campiagn.

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