An organic light-emitting diode (OLED) is characterized by its use of a flexible substrate, which may be made of plastic, metal, or flexible glass.

The panels will be made of plastic and metal, and they will be lightweight, thin, and extremely durable; in fact, they will be almost impossible to shatter.

From the point of view of the user, the first generation of flexible OLED displays utilized in electronic devices are not particularly flexible.  The displays on the device are bent or curved by the manufacturer, but the end user will not be able to actually bend the device themselves.  These first-generation flexible OLEDs are used in a variety of premium smartphones, such as the edge-type Galaxy phones manufactured by Samsung and the iPhone X and Xs manufactured by Apple.  When compared to displays made of glass, flexible OLEDs have several advantages, particularly in mobile devices: the displays are lighter, thinner, and more durable than those made of glass.  In addition, flexible OLEDs have beautiful designs.

Displays of the second generation of flexible OLEDs can be bent by the user; these displays can be used, for instance, to create foldable smartphones; the first range of foldable smartphones began shipping in 2019.  Rollable OLEDs are now entering the market for both TVs and smartphones, and this trend is expected to continue. (information about OLEDs)



Recently, a significant number of clients have emailed us with questions concerning this 7. 8-inch flexible OLED display.  As flexible OLED displays are a relatively new technology, the manufacturers have some questions.  I have compiled these questions in the event that you have the same concerns.

The first question we have for you is whether or not you are able to produce a flexible OLED display in a larger size.

Answer: At the moment, you can purchase splice flexible AMOLED displays ranging in size from 5. 99 inches to 7. 8 inches and 55 inches.  The market does not currently carry any 9- or 10-inch flexible OLED displays.  Because the flexible technology is not reliable, we strongly suggest that you make use of the standard display that is currently being manufactured.  In addition, if we become aware of any new products in the near or distant future, we will let you know as quickly as we can.

The second question that we have for you is: is the display that you made waterproof?

The displays that are currently available on the market are not watertight in any way.  In most cases, consumers will fashion their very own enclosures in order to stop the product from getting wet.

Question Three: What controls are used to operate the display? Is there a built-in button, a remote control, or a smartphone app that could be used to operate oled manufacturers in China?

Answer: Just like the content, the display is capable of interacting with capacitive touchscreens, and we also include a cable for connecting to a power supply and a USB cable.  You can control it remotely by downloading the appropriate application from the App Store, and you can download content or anything else you want to download through a USB cable.  It is similar to a smartphone in that regard.




Question Four: Am I able to use it straight out of the box to download and play audio content? Does it have a Bluetooth and a USB port?

Answer: The box is the driver board, which is used to power on the display.  It has an SD card slot, from which you can download and play content with sound.  Additionally, it has a USB interface, through which you can connect to a computer.  Bluetooth, on the other hand, is not a part of this product.

Question Five: The 7. 8-inch flexible display that I ordered was delivered to me in Chinese.  Is it possible to switch to English, or is it only available in this language?

Answer: If you want to change the language of the site, please contact us so that we can provide you with a language package that will assist you in making the desired change.

Displays that are flexible and measure 7. 8 inches can be used in a variety of fields.  A few of our clients use it for high-end handbags and shoes, as well as menu tables in restaurants. . . It is dependent on the application you submit.  If you have any further inquiries regarding this presentation, please feel free to share them with us or leave a comment below.